Gucci Mane Drops Off New Single “Icy Lil B*tch”

Since his release from prison in May, Guwop has poured music out to his fans and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. With the release of his forthcoming album, Woptober, being so close Gucci decided to gift his fans with #ANOTHERONE.

“Icy Lil B*tch” comes just six days before Woptober’s release. Something tells me Guwop has a ton of music and is just waiting on the perfect time to drop. Listen to “Icy Lil B*tch” below.



Philadelphia’s Most Buzzed About Rapper: Kur

Kur is a Philadelphia rapper with a sound that could consume the east-coast. The 22 year-old is from the Uptown section of Philly where his music is blasted out of car speakers and the words to his songs are ingrained in the memories of everyone in the community. Kur’s music has grown over the years. Nearing his high school graduation in 2012, he released his debut mixtape Straight From The Kur. The reception was phenomenal, he quickly followed up with the sequel, Straight From The Kur 2.  The projects have a combined download total of over 50,000.

Kur is an interesting artist. I’ve personally followed his budding career. In his earlier music he tells stories of his struggles. His struggles with his family, his friends, with school and finding a way to deal with it all. Choosing to release his first mixtape simultaneously with graduating high school was a pivotal moment for Kur. A new life was just on the horizon, so he hit the ground running and made sure all of Philly knew who he was.


In early 2015, he dropped another project the streets couldn’t ignore. How It Never Was, was skillfully put together. The tape features, Meek MillGuordan Banks, Omelly, Lihtz Kamraz; production by Don Cheese, Maaly RawMike Zombie, and Dougie On The Beat.


Finally Happened is Kur’s latest project, which was released later in 2015. In his most evolved mixtape, he surprises us with a different sounding Kur. With songs like “When We Die,” “Everything,” and “Run It Up.” I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in on many studio sessions with Kur and watch his creative process for making music. He’s very meticulous and knows how he wants his music to sound. That is the divide between a rapper and an artist. Knowing what sound you want to create before you go into the booth takes talent.

He’s worked with a multitude of artists including, Dave EastLil Uzi Vert,Coop Poppy, A$AP Twelvyy, Quilly, and Lil Reese. Cosigns are important in the music industry and his list of those isn’t short either. Timbaland, Pusha T, and Meek Mill have all sent their well wishes of success for this promising young rapper. Kur has been featured in XXLThe SourceHipHopSince1987, and on BET Jams.


Melania Trump’s Epic Fail

8517_Trump obama

The 2016 presidential race and its candidates have been the center of many jokes. After last night’s Republican National Convention address by Melania Trump, we have something else to laugh at. Maybe the Trumps admired Mrs. Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech so much that they took notes and decided to rework some of the words. Trump speaks with enthusiasm and emphasizes the importance of hard work. She tried to impersonate first lady Michelle Obama, but you know what they say. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”


6lack Delivers His Debut Album “Free 6lack”

Early in 2016 the zone six (Atlanta) native dropped his tremendously successful single “PRBLMS.” The hit took the social media world by storm and made its way to the radio airwaves. Free from his previous contract, the Emancipation of 6lack has given us an album that is in a lane of its own.

6lack has gifted us with a soulful, 11-track project, a far jump from the 100 or so songs he’s been deliberating. Each song serves a certain purpose in regards to the message of the album. 6lack sat down with J Nicks, from one of Atlanta’s top radio stations, Hot 107.9. In the interview he opens up about where he found inspiration for a lot of the songs and how he has recreated this project many times.

The vibe he sets with his music is hypnotizing. 6lack creates the perfect atmosphere for reflection and deep thought. One of my favorites from the album has to be “Free.” From the time the mesmerizing beat begins to when it drops as 6lack sings “Why?” The song is an inquisition about the concept of being free.

This is just the beginning for 6lack, he is now able to be creatively free to explore all of the musical possibilities. I’m excited to see what else he has in store for us. He is the new-age Maxwell, taking the uniqueness of his voice and crafting it to melodically mesh with beats.

Please do yourself a favor and experience Free 6lack below.


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It’s C.R.I.M.E. Time!

C.R.I.M.E. has found their true image in 2016, reviving their childhood, mixing imagery and hardcore storytelling trap, truly defining youth.

C.R.I.M.E. CHILDREN is a lifestyle group that is a compilation of members originating from the heart of Philadelphia. Short for Conscious, Rebels, Inspiring, Modern, Enlightenment, the 3 original members and talents are artists: Manna Maestro ($tro), Rax, and RoeDidIT. Drawing inspirations from the various sectors of the urban culture, the group quickly caught the ears and eyes of many with their catchy hooks and their electrifying performances. Unfortunately, in May of 2015, the group lost Rax due to a homicide. Rax was a creative, brilliant and an influential individual. He had an unbelievable way of touching the hearts of anyone that crossed paths with him.

C.R.I.M.E. has found their true image in 2016, reviving their childhood, mixing imagery and hardcore storytelling trap, truly defining youth. Despite the tragic deaths of their best friends (Rax & Hulito) , they were able to strive and work hard to recently be given the title as “the next biggest thing out of philly”. They’ve partnered up with business man Kyhare Moore and have been hanging out with Miss Tierra Whack.