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Amir Ali Bares it all With 'This 1 For Gordy'

It’s not bragging if you back it up.

Just a few weeks after releasing his latest project Amir Ali is back. The 24-year-old is a rapper from West Philadelphia who shares his views over thought provoking melodic beats. Talk about “make it look easy,” Ali floats on any instrumental. The memory of one of his closest friends is woven through his lyrics, fueling the fire he leaves on the track. This is a small window into his daily thoughts.
When asked about his musical influences Ali casts a wide net across genres. Giving credit to Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Hov, Jadakiss, Trouble and battle rapper Reed Dollaz.
Ali plans to release an 11-track EP in October in celebration of his birthday.
For now, you can check out his single “5179” above and his EP ‘This 1 for Gordy‘ below.

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