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WATCH: Theodore Grams & Tay Zaro Share a Vision of Love

“When we can stop addressing ourselves by the color of our skin we will be a free society.” -Joe Delli Carpini

Wishful Thinking is a short film by Theodore Grams and Tay Zaro. The film explores the qualms of interracial love. Beyond the subject of interracial dating, Zaro and Grams share both sides of a relationship in, Wishful Thinking.
As the film opens, the pair are arguing about Zaro’s family not accepting Grams simply because he is a black man. The two further argue and we find out that Grams’ family has also not been so accepting of his girlfriend either. In an intimate space where it should just be you and your lover, we often let our families and friends get in between. This dialogue between lovers is the perfect example. Grams and Zaro spend time isolated to clear their mind. In their final act we find them in a room, seated, face to face. This scene is reminiscent of Get Out and is up for interpretation.
Check out Wishful Thinking, the short film, above and stream Wishful Thinking, the soundtrack below. Be sure to keep up with Grams and Tay Zaro for their latest releases.

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