Turn up The Lu Jitzu!

Music is all about vibes right now, and Philly native Lu Jitzu is bringing them all. First let’s talk about where his stage name is derived from, this gives us a peek into his personality. Lu Jitzu is a play on the name Lou Jitsou, who ultimately became master splinter. Knowing small tidbits like this help us connect to artists even more. His sound is a mixture of alternative Hip-Hop with a touch of Techno.

Reminiscent of Lil Uzi Vert, Lu Jitzu’s music makes you want to “hit em with the shoulders.” Vibe/Swag rap has become an increasingly popular style. Sometimes listeners don’t want to think they just want to feel.
Not only is he a beast when it comes to flows, he switches things up and brings the harmonies and melodies.

Could you guys imagine a mixture between Brent Faiyaz and Lil Uzi Vert? I never did either until I listened to Lu Jitzu. I love when artists stand out for all the right reasons.

Check out some of his music below and seriously let me know what you think. I’m excited to see him progress as an artist.


Listen: King AK-M Drops off “Go Shawty”

I know it’s the middle of Winter, but AK-M has got a hot one for us. Go Shawty is a fast-paced track that is one for the ladies, and the fellas can have fun with it too. If you’re feeling down and need a little self-esteem boost, this is the song for you.

AK-M is giving you bars and melody. Put “Go Shawty” in your workout or party playlist to get your adrenaline pumping.

Stream the single above and let me know what you think below.

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Fear the Black Swan, Angeles Delivers a Message

The Black Swan Phenomena:

is an unpredictable or unforeseen event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, severe impact, and the widespread insistence they were obvious in hindsight.

The reworked version of The Pharcyde’s Runnin’ beat is perfection. Angeles paints vivid imagery with his words. Too many bars to quote, I’d be writing the entire song in this article. He begins by declaring change is coming and makes you a believer by the end of the song. Black Swan is a double entrendre filled allegory. Angeles is simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic. He covers all of Hip-Hop’s bases. Paying homage to music that came before you, being inventive, and being yourself. In a world full of cookie cutter artists, Angeles is a promising breath of fresh air.

Check out Black Swan above and let me know if you’re feeling what I’m feeling below in the comments.

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Watch: Swipe Falls out of Love in “Half & Half”

Sampling a sweet melody we all know, Swipe contemplates lovers’ positions in “Half & Half.”

Being young and in love is hard in this day and age. This song is reflection of just that. Swipe is mulling over his actions in this cinematic depiction of thoughts in motion. How do you work on loving yourself and loving someone else at the same time? “You just tryna heal, I’m just tryna grow,” Swipe raps. These words are innocent, but can mean a break or a break up. What do you think?

Check out the Roger Castillo directed visual below:


Watch: Malcolm Taylor Makes D’usse out of Lemons

A journal entry worth of thoughts, Malcolm Taylor dives into introspection with D’usse. Life is full of lows and celebrations, but no two days are the same.

Sampling the striking piano keys in Brandy’s Full Moon, Taylor takes us on an inspiring ride. Malcolm Taylor is known for making music that makes you think and feel, and his latest single is no disappointment.

The visual stars singer-songwriter Devoni Jacob. Tune in below and watch as the pair venture out into a picturesque night.

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Gab.e Sings of Her Sweet SONshine

Philadelphia native Gab.e puts a sweet smile in our hearts with her new single, SONshine. Becoming a mother is one of the greatest blessings in the world. You are now responsible for a life other than your own. The singer-songwriter shares some of her precious motherhood moments in her new video, SONshine.

As the weather gets chilly, nature encompasses the love mommy and son in this warming visual. Gab.e’s unique and vibrant voice ushers us into total serenity. She sings of strength, happiness, and family.

Watch the visual above and let me know what you think below.

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Pink Sweat$ Tugs at Our Heart Strings

Born on February 14th, it’s Valentine’s Day 24/7 in the world of Pink Sweat$. Whether you’re a lovesick pup or totally encapsulated by the feeling, the intense strumming of an acoustic guitar almost syncs with the beating of your heart.

Sweat$ is from the home of soul singers like Jazmine Sullivan, Musiq Soulchild, and R&B greats Boyz II Men. Pink Sweat$ hails from the city of brotherly love. The singer/songwriter produced for fellow rising artist, Tierra Whack, who recently was nominated for a Grammy and appeared on XXL’s 2019 Freshman Class.

Pink Sweat$ dropped his debut project Volume 1 in 2018 and followed up with its sequel in 2019. Both projects poignant and passionate, Sweat$’ silk vocals soothe the remnants of heartache.

Stream both projects below and stay tuned for more Pink Sweat$.

Volume 2.

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Exclusive Interview with Joe Vango of Audiomack

Audiomack’s Secret Weapon

I recently had the chance to visit the Audiomack HQ and chat with Joe Vango, Marketing Coordinator. Joe is originally from Philadelphia and has made quite an impact in the music industry in a few year’s time. He speaks on bringing out James Shaw, the Waffle House hero, at Rolling Loud, the new Kanye produced albums, and artists he’s currently listening to. He also touches on J. Cole’s surprise KOD event in New York. Joe even shares how upcoming artists can garner his attention.

Joe got his start in the music industry writing for Hypefresh Mag, from there he began curating playlists. His knack for finding new artists and his keen sense of discovering new sounds made him visible to the Audiomack team. David Ponte, Co-Founder of Audiomack, sings Joe’s praises. “Joe is probably one of the most unsung taste makers in the industry,” with which I had to agree, “YES!” Ponte continues “He’s kind of like our secret weapon, he makes sure that we have the dopest upcoming artists on Audiomack first.” As a previous co-worker I can attest to all of this. #YouShouldKnowJoe

Watch the one-on-one interview above.

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Exclusive: Coop Poppy Talks New Music, Losing Friends to The Rap Game, Gate Keeping and More

I had the chance to sit down with Coop Poppy and explore a little more about him as a person and an artist. He discusses his latest single, Sho’nuff, growing up in the city of Philadelphia and learning to express himself differently through music.

2x (two times) sheds some light on his upbringing in the city and what led him to his current position as an artist. He says he initially started making music solely for his neighborhood (just something to keep the hood motivated.) As his music grew, so did his fan base. The 26-year-old has tore down stages across the city and the nation. Coop poppy also shares his thoughts on realistically maneuvering the music industry (if you’re in it, you already know about the politics of the “the game.” It’s a game of chess.)
The uptown rapper has worked with some of the hottest producers, these names may ring a bell: Maaly Raw, DJ Tizz, Dougie on the Beat, and Infamous Rell to name a few. In the interview he gives us the drop on new music with long time confidant, Kur, a single with Drama, and Fredo Santana’s close friend and member of Glory Boyz Entertainment,
Gino Marley

Big $lime has been a very busy rapper, check out the interview above and follow Coop Poppy to stay in the loop with his latest releases.

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Sonny Barbosa Drops off "Belly Rub" Video with Cuzin Debo

Philadelphia based 8-piece MC/Producer collective, Village of the Smoke drops the first visual for their single Belly Rub. The single is led by crew member Sonny Barbosa and produced by Washington based producer Fat KneelBelly Rub is 1 of 20 songs from their upcoming project The Village Tape.  It’s an East coast G-Funk, psychedelic trip detailing the crew’s journey from the streets of Philadelphia to the hills of Cali. The Village Tape is available on all streaming platforms check it out here.
Enjoy the trippy video that is Belly Rub above.