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Lucky Daye Gets Left “On Read”

Lucky Daye and the UK’s Tiana Major9 gift us with an exciting R&B single. Daye is one of the new faces of R&B, offering his sweet, sultry vocals to any song he blesses the track. Tiana Major9 is on her way to the top of everyone’s search bar. The 20 year-old hails from Newham, England and draws influence from Jazz music and Lauryn Hill. Check out her interview with Flaunt Mag here to learn about our good sis. On Read is the classic battle of the sexes record.

The striking chords of the guitar invite us on a roller coaster ride of “which of us will win this?” Major responds to Daye’s discrepancy with a dismissal, disregarding his plea. Who do you think had the upper hand by the end of the song? Check it out below and let me know on Instagram or in the comments!