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How to Survive High School

Starting high school can be a scary, but a fun transition! On the downside you have to leave your old friends and favorite teachers you love…. but guess what? You’re only going to make more friends and find new favorite teachers.

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You get more freedom and you can start making your own money. Some of us get our first cars, others get our first boyfriends or girlfriends. Mom and dad finally let us go to our first concert. I mean, growing up is pretty cool when done responsibly.

Lil Yachty for Puma x Pink Dolphin
Lil Yachty for Puma x Pink Dolphin

High School is a clean slate, a fresh start. So make it count! I want you to OWN every year of high school. So keep up with our Secret Guide to Surviving High School. We’ll put you up on game with all of the latest in music and fashion so that you’ll always be ahead of the wave.
Survival Tip Of The Week #1: BE COMFORTABLE!
The biggest mistake you can make is trying to fit in…. It never works. When making new friends…ALWAYS BE YOURSELF! Don’t buy Jordan’s because you know everyone else will have them, or some tight jeans because you want the guys to look at you. Be true to yourself, be comfortable and let your personality shine from the inside out. (Your future bae won’t be able to recognize you if you’re trying to be somebody else.)

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