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Giveon is Stuck on Love

Following the release of his highly successful Debut album, Take Time, Giveon is back! Where do our hearts lead us and why do our bodies stay? Giveon breathes life into emotions with his latest single, Stuck On You.

The Long Beach singer, tells a tale of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. When you can’t share your hurt with your friends for fear they’ll call you a fool what else is there to do. Knowing someone or a situation is not good for you and choosing to stay, “Far from love, but I’m stuck.”

Being torn in love isn’t easy, but Giveon sure makes it sound sweet.

Listen to the single below and let me know what you think on Instagram.

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Giveon is Making His ‘Favorite Mistake’

Long Beach, California native Giveon is back with an acoustic visual for hit single, “FavoriteMistake.”

After a leaked Drake collaboration surfaced, everyone was trying to figure out exactly who this talented artist was. The single happens to be none other than the Chicago Freestyle. Drake’s emotional roller-coaster rhymes paired with Giveon’s calming tone gives your heart the right wringing.

Favorite Mistake speaks to indulging in a guilty or notso guilty pleasure. He belts, “Our secret’s safe, so you’re my favorite mistake. That’s why we gotta keep it on the low..” Sometimes doing the wrong thing is enticing. You decide while you watch the video below.


Giveon is Giving Soul

Thank God for the richness that is Giveon’s voice.

Imagine biting down into the smoothest piece of milk chocolate ever…that’s how listening to Giveon feels. A completely purifying experience.

Love hurts, love heals, love is loud, love is quiet, love is uncertain and Giveon encapsulates the gist of it all in Take Time. The emerging talent is a West Coast native from Long Beach, California. In an interview with DJ Booth, Giveon credits old school artists such as: Frank Sinatra, Barry White, Mary J. Blige, and Aretha Franklin as inspirations. As well as new school artists like: PARTYNEXTDOOR, Miguel, and Frank Ocean.

His debut album is featureless with only sounds of Giveon’s velvety voice. It’s only 8 songs long and can be finished in under 25 minutes. It’s short and sweet, yet poignant and everlasting. Take Time also features production from boi-1da, wondaGURL, ASTROWORLD producer Sevn Thomas, and Giveon himself.

Please do yourself a favor and indulge below.