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Flo Milli’s Millennial Knock to Misogyny

2020 breakout artist Flo Milli is putting on for ‘Bama, and not letting up! Quit witted bars run rampant in her arsenal. The 21-year old artist rips this Kenny Beats production.

“You can’t hate on pxssy if it rule the planet, I just came in the game and I’m doing damage.”

A bold declaration, that is 100% true. Flo Milli discusses double standards and patriarchy on “Roaring 20s“. This track is reminiscent of Beyoncé’sIf I Was a Boy” and Ciara’sLike a Boy,” not sonically, but in the message. All are women’s anthems to put the illogical actions of men on blast. Using typical male jargon to taunt our counterparts, Flo Milli is sure to hit a few nerves with this wrecking ball of a record.

Stream the song above and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Ciara Wants us to Level Up!

We See CiCi Coming!

Ciara is back with another upbeat dance hit. “Level Up” is a dismissal of all negativity and the recognition of ascension. Cici uses a popular party song made viral by social media to create the perfect beat. We all know of her turbulent relationship with rapper, Future. He recently released a mixtape and some fans feel like he was taking shots at the princess of the A. While they’ve never mentioned eachother’s names in songs with lines like “That’s old news[…]no losses just upgrading.” from Cici and “I took a chance when you had miles on you,” from Future; who knows? Maybe this is a rebuttal maybe not. Either way it’s fire!
Watch Level Up below: