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Exclusive: Coop Poppy Talks New Music, Losing Friends to The Rap Game, Gate Keeping and More

I had the chance to sit down with Coop Poppy and explore a little more about him as a person and an artist. He discusses his latest single, Sho’nuff, growing up in the city of Philadelphia and learning to express himself differently through music.

2x (two times) sheds some light on his upbringing in the city and what led him to his current position as an artist. He says he initially started making music solely for his neighborhood (just something to keep the hood motivated.) As his music grew, so did his fan base. The 26-year-old has tore down stages across the city and the nation. Coop poppy also shares his thoughts on realistically maneuvering the music industry (if you’re in it, you already know about the politics of the “the game.” It’s a game of chess.)
The uptown rapper has worked with some of the hottest producers, these names may ring a bell: Maaly Raw, DJ Tizz, Dougie on the Beat, and Infamous Rell to name a few. In the interview he gives us the drop on new music with long time confidant, Kur, a single with Drama, and Fredo Santana’s close friend and member of Glory Boyz Entertainment,
Gino Marley

Big $lime has been a very busy rapper, check out the interview above and follow Coop Poppy to stay in the loop with his latest releases.

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Meet: Smoove Dinero

Smoove Dinero is an emerging artist from Bridgeport, CT who’s found a home in Brooklyn, NY. The 21 year-old rapper got his start in music at a young age. Having older cousins and uncles who rapped, young Smoove followed suit.
My uncles and older cousins & sh*t. They used to rap back in the day and they was the sh*t back then. They used to take me to the studio & after I knew that I wanted to be a rapper eventually, I started making beats when I was 13 & started Making legit music at 19-20.” He explained.

Dinero’s music style is edgy and upbeat. His music is for the lively at heart. He credits some of rap’s favorite artists as influences. Artists such as: Future, Young Thug, Zaytoven, Yung Gleesh, A$ap Rocky, Chief Keef and Fredo Santana. He also daunts a clothing style of his own, making it a point to be comfortable and yet fashionable.

 I asked “What’s your favorite project to have worked on so far?” To which he replied “D.O.A 2 so far.. not my best music but the process of making it was just fun. I would just get high af with the homies and bang out hella music. Positive vibes good energy. That’s very important in music today, have fun with it. I got some unreleased shit that’s fire. I just did a song on a Dolan beats too That shit gonna go dummy.”
The artwork for his music is intriguing. Dinero’s covers and videos all give me a cinematic feel. I wondered if he was a movie lover and binged watched shows for hours on end. One of his singles featured artwork similar to the Netflix original series Stranger Things (which I thought was cool lol).
My theories were busted when he made it clear how things came together. He says that things fell in line by coincidence.
I wanted to know who made the killer beat for the banger “Monster.” “ My n*gga Akachi! “Lol it’s funny cause I never watched the stranger things but people was tellin me that’s what it sound like & even the video the intro they say that’s how the stranger things start off so yeah.”
We can expect some more crazy visuals from Smoove, until keep yup with Mr. Dinero on all social media platforms.