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The Code Presents: The Nice to Finally Meet You Tour (Philly)

The Fre$h $ide Twins performing live at Bourbon and Branch

It’s Saturday night and the floor of Bourban & Branch‘s live room is packed. Shoulder-to-shoulder the crowd enjoyed each performer’s music.  Golden Community and The Code provided an inviting environment for artists and live show lovers. Jordan Bailey of GC acted as point person during the event; In partnership with The Code and CAD management. The artists kept the crowd entertained and engaged.
Four acts stole the show. Live instruments accompanied Aleana‘s swooning silk vocals.

A nice contrast in the high energy singles of Koach and The Fre$h $ide Twins. FST occupied the audience with catchy tunes and their trendy style. Koach commanded the crowd and J. Dope flowed seamlessly between his R&B and Hip-Hop personas. Between sets, Philadelphia’s Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection was on display. The DJ spun a few State Property and Meek Mill. While homegrown fashion brand Ammo Stilo could be spotted adorning the bodies of audience members and Devon Milan, stylist to the stars, measured the crowd while watching the FST, who she co-manages with Jordan Bailey.
The tour will be headed to NYC, Atlanta, and LA. Be sure to look out for your favorite rising artists.

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Watch: Aleana Brings her Love Letter to Life

Aleana has an abundance of love to give.

The songstress gives us the first visual from her dreamy EP, Chapter 22, released earlier this year. Love Letter is the second track on the five song project. They say writing things down is a way to bind them to the universe and make them manifest. In this short and sweet video, Aleana inscribes her love in a letter. She then encounters a mystifying man at her workplace. Could this be the Love Letter manifested in human form?
Find out by watching Love Letter above.