How to Survive High School Dating

Idk about you, but when I began high school everything was different. My friends and I from middle school had all dispersed to schools stretching across the city. The guys were bigger, they had the beginning stages of what would later in life become their mustaches. The girls were more… how can I put this, more “out there.”


Now, if you’re anything like I was; you know that being “out there” just wasn’t an option. So what do you do to break into the high school dating world?



1. Be Yourself!

I know I’ve said this already, but seriously stick to it. It works! You will ultimately attract who is right for you by being yourself. I know it may be tempting to be a bad boy to get the attention from the cheerleaders or roll up your skirt to show the boys in the hallways more skin. That sounds like a reach, trust me I saw it happen for three years straight in middle school. Just be you bro.

2. Get Involved

You never know where future bae is because…DUH they’re future bae. That means you need to be involved. What’s one of your favorite hobbies or sports? A lot of high schools offer team sports, debate teams, drama club, cross country, bowling, and less commonly small animal science club(I was a proud member lol). What’s better than having a common interest with a love interest! It’s perfect.

3. Let Them Know You’re Interested

Half of the battle of dating is taking the first step. It’s a little different for guys and girls. I am totally petrified of rejection so if I approach a guy, I know for a fact I’ll bag him.* So if you aren’t chicken like me, step up! You don’t have to come on too strong. Don’t be nervous, that’s how you say something stupid. Just be cool man. Guys actually like it when a girl is direct in her approach. Now, if you’re a guy…don’t be a jackass! Young men from the ages of 15 to 18 years-old aren’t necessarily in touch with their feelings. If you’d like to court a young lady, bring her flowers, a card or just be a gentlemen, a Classic Man – word to Jidenna.

So now future bae, is present bae and you guys are going strong. 

4. Separate your relationship and your school responsibilities

The last thing you want to do is let a relationship deter you from homework, projects, or presentations. You’ll feel like a Mr. Krabs memewhen you look up one day and your average in math is a 60 all because you wanted to be wrapped around bae.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

5. Include your parents

Although you may believe parents just want to cramp your style and keep you hostage, they don’t. They are your first line of defense. They’ve been there and done that. They have experience, so what they tell you when it comes to your first relationship or new relationships is merely advice. Oh — and if you are under 18 you MUST tell them. You’re not an adult in the eyes of the law. An open line of communication with your parents is necessary.

6. Don’t Go Crazy

Remember that you are an individual. Do not become consumed by this relationship. Don’t alienate your friends (they were there before bae was). Don’t be the girlfriend or boyfriend that stalks their significant other’s social media. If you can’t trust them, you don’t need to be with them.



7. Don’t Do Things You Aren’t Comfortable With

Don’t do sexual things you aren’t comfortable with. If he or she loves you they will not pressure you. Don’t try drugs or alcohol! OH MY GOSH — I cannot stress this enough. You don’t need drugs. Your mind and body are still developing and abusing drugs or alcohol can cause irreversible damage. I promise you guys I didn’t have a drop of alcohol, a puff, a bump, or a pill, in high school. Being sober is cool, I still had a ton of friends and was loved just the same.

I was always told about the physical changes that happen in high school, never the mental. These four years will feel like they’re dragging by, then all of a sudden you’re accepting your diploma. My best, maybe most valuable piece of advice is to remember to have fun. You are only this young one time in life.

And if all else fails, just slide in their dms like this lol.



*Bag (v): to get someone’s number

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