Rising Artist Boogie Taps Into Our Consciousness

After releasing his mixtape, Thirst 48 Pt. II, Compton rapper Boogie taps into our consciousness with the release of his video “Ni**a Needs.” Video director, Riley Keough, illustrates a picture of Boogie’s gripping lyrics as he stands as an object on display in a museum. One display is the rapper harboring a bullet wound and the other is him exhibiting a blackened eye and carrying a small child. Think about that.  What kind of thought does that provoke in you? 


Thirst 48 Pt. II is a multifaceted project that explores Boogie’s tumultuous relationships with women.

Last year Boogie spoke with XXL magazine about what he is hoping to achieve with his music.

My goal is to live my message out,” he explained.  “…I feel my message can help a lot of people as far, as the cycle of gang bangin’ in a generation where it seems like we glorify it. I’m from it. I’m from the heart of gang bangin’. I don’t feel like I glorify it, I just tell my story.” Sincerely put, a message as meaningful as Boogie’s is one to share with the youth. Watch and digest the video for Ni**a Needs below.

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