Genius Level Presents: The-Dream

The brilliant folks at Genius aka Rap Genius, put together an amazing series of in-depth conversations with the music world’s greatest minds. It’s absolutely impossible to count how many hits The-Dream has. Rob Markman took on the the difficult task as he sat down with “Mr. Radio Killer.”

I also had the pleasure of asking The-Dream a question.

“How do you ultimately choose which artist gets the song? #GeniusLevel the money or the talent? đź‘€ lol ” – My words exactly.

In asking that question, The-Dream revealed he is a believer of every artist with a talent getting their fair shot. He also explained that, because of that same reason his “sister and good friend, BeyoncĂ©” holds about 50 titles of his and they probably won’t be released because only Bey can sing them. He explained the same goes for Rihanna. Mr. Nash shared his intricate part in Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail and other exciting facts that we didn’t know. Watch the full interview below.


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