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Diafora's 4th Annual Giveback

In the midst of a turbulent summer in Philadelphia, its home grown fashion designer, Malika M. of Diafora, makes a difference by encouraging togetherness.

Summer is almost over and the school year has crept up on us. In the middle of a green park, a warm breeze accompanied children’s laughter. A gigantic moon bounce and a water slide were the main attractions. Here, the Diafora team brought family and friends together to give away backpacks filled with supplies and other goodies to the children of the neighborhood.

Diafora is a brand that makes it a point to cater to their consumers individuality and versatility. Creativity is of high importance to designer Malika M; who provides intrinsic ways to wear her brand. Check out some of the looks from Diafora’s Lifestyle feature: Raid My Boyfriend’s Closet.

A stylish and sleek twist on your boyfriend’s wardrobe. So if you ever find yourself having an unexpected sleepover fear not, Diafora has got you covered.
Diafora is a brand that also believes in the comfort of clothing. Malika has created another Lifestyle segment, WAY (wear are you?)
I created ‘WAY’ for a few different reasons, because traveling and fashion are so intertwined, and something I love wholeheartedly.” -Malika M.
Here we find the young designer in her travels as she ventures nationally and abroad. WAY is a traveling and learning journal about other cultures, how they live, what makes them happy and how all of that influences their fashion. You can find ways to incorporate Diafora into various events. From girl trips and sporting events to birthday celebrations special occasions,

It’s just different

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