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Meet: The Art Bully – Philadelphia's Rising Creator

The unconventional artist.

What comes to mind when you think of art? It could be a plethora of things. The Art Bully creates to demonstrate that statement. With the world as his canvas, the 26-year-old Philadelphian has no limit to creating. Mikal, preferably known as The Art Bully, is a self taught artist who has been creating since the age of six. His path leading to art wasn’t so straight forward. After giving up basketball, leaving school, and relinquishing his job he realized it was time to go full force on his dreams. Inspired by the likes of Basquiat, Banksy, Picasso, and other greats, his style of art is contemporary, urban, and abstract.

Recently, The Art Bully held a showcase in collaboration with Common Ground. Using mixed media, he brings inanimate objects to life.

 The artists who inspire him live through his work.

From a canvas to a skateboard, The Art Bully can transform any piece. He’s transformed his stagnant art into live pieces. Creating, Love Rebel, a brand that represents strength and the will to go after whatever it is you love or believe in. No matter what people say or whatever obstacle life throws at you quitting will never be an option. The Art Bully designs exclusive limited edition merchandise.

In an interview, when asked how his environment fuels his drive, he explained: “I think being from Philly attributes to my success if anything…You got to come with your ‘A-game’ and put in work to gain supporters. That fuels my grind and makes me go super hard. Plus, I feel like this is one of the best places in America as far as talent and style so with that Philly style and determination Iʼm unstoppable.


Make sure to follow The Art Bully on IG for his latest art and clothing releases. I’d hate for you to miss out on that!

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How to Survive High School

Starting high school can be a scary, but a fun transition! On the downside you have to leave your old friends and favorite teachers you love…. but guess what? You’re only going to make more friends and find new favorite teachers.

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You get more freedom and you can start making your own money. Some of us get our first cars, others get our first boyfriends or girlfriends. Mom and dad finally let us go to our first concert. I mean, growing up is pretty cool when done responsibly.

Lil Yachty for Puma x Pink Dolphin
Lil Yachty for Puma x Pink Dolphin

High School is a clean slate, a fresh start. So make it count! I want you to OWN every year of high school. So keep up with our Secret Guide to Surviving High School. We’ll put you up on game with all of the latest in music and fashion so that you’ll always be ahead of the wave.
Survival Tip Of The Week #1: BE COMFORTABLE!
The biggest mistake you can make is trying to fit in…. It never works. When making new friends…ALWAYS BE YOURSELF! Don’t buy Jordan’s because you know everyone else will have them, or some tight jeans because you want the guys to look at you. Be true to yourself, be comfortable and let your personality shine from the inside out. (Your future bae won’t be able to recognize you if you’re trying to be somebody else.)

Stay tuned for next week’s #howtosurvivehighschool !

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The Zika Virus Runs Rampant in Miami

The CDC has reported 15 confirmed cases of the Zika Virus in Miami, Florida, and has issued a travel advisory for pregnant women and their partners planning to visit the popular city in the near future. The affected area is just north of Downtown, Miami. Known as one of the most popular tourist destinations, Miami averages around 12million visitors a year. A health scare like the Zika virus may put a halt to the fleet of tourists that usually spend summer-ending vacations in Miami.
Local officials believe the Zika virus was most likely spread when a mosquito bit an infected person who had just returned to the United States.

miami cdc

The CDC recommends that:

  • Pregnant women who live in or travel to the area should be tested for Zika infection in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy, even if they have no symptoms of the virus.
  • Pregnant women and their male and female partners who live in the area should prevent mosquito bites and use proper sexual protectionfor the length of the pregnancy, or abstain from sex altogether.
  • Male or female partners of pregnant women who have traveled to this area should use safe sex measures for the rest of the pregnancy.
  • Women and men who have traveled to the affected area should wait eight weeks to conceive after their return, while men with symptomsshould wait a full six months.

U.S. health officials urge citizens that although they do not expect the virus to have a widespread effect, that they should take some preliminary precautions when traveling to and around the infected area. Precautions such as wearing long sleeved shirts and pants that are long and thick that can prevent a mosquito bite, using insect repellent that contains 25% DEET to mask uncovered skin, insuring screens on windows and doors are secure, and removing standing water that mosquitoes could breed in.

Source: CNN


Postmates is the Uber for Food

Having a random food craving, but you don’t want to leave the house? No worries. Postmates is the Uber of food. The service, which was founded in 2011 uses a mobile app to receive orders and dispatch delivery drivers. Users are able to either enter their location, allow the Postmates app to use their current location, or select their city in a list where the service is available.