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Watch: Want a Whine?

As Afro beat gains popularity and reggae regains its popularity in the states, we receive two fire singles.

Jorja Smith links with Burna Boy who recently won a BET award for Best International Act. Be Honest is a sweet and soft tune reminiscent of Pharrell and Jay Z’s Frontin for its message. Smith sings “…be honest, you want this…” to which Burna Boy admits his love for Apple of his eye.

Watch below:

Also released today, Afro B and Busy Signal drop Go Dance. The beat claps as Signal and B make you want to get on your feet and bust a whine.

Watch the video above:

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Doja Cat Keeps it ‘Juicy’

Playful and sexy, Doja Cat drops her whimsical video for Juicy. A song that celebrates the wonder and curves of a woman.

In the video the kitty sports a latex watermelon print cat suit along other tantalizing outfits. She enlists the help of Tyga to bring this sweet dream to life.

Check out the video below:

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You Don’t Want ‘No Problems’ with Young Nudy and Girl Talk

Atlanta’s Young Nudy goes big bad with Pittsburgh DJ, Girl Talk, in their new single No Problems.

In true Nudy fashion, the beat is mysterious and leery and Nudy floats on it with his low tone. Girl Talk made sure to bring his A game.

Stream No Problems above:

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Mahalia Displays her Gratitude

The UK’s next upcoming crossover artist Mahalia, is back with another smooth track to unwind to.

Over a simple beat Mahalia sings to a lover in a soft persuasive tone. Expressing all of her love and gratitude for their presence, the singer boasts about loving her significant other down and promises to be every kind of faithful.

Stream Grateful above:

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Pink Sweat$ Tugs at Our Heart Strings

Born on February 14th, it’s Valentine’s Day 24/7 in the world of Pink Sweat$. Whether you’re a lovesick pup or totally encapsulated by the feeling, the intense strumming of an acoustic guitar almost syncs with the beating of your heart.

Sweat$ is from the home of soul singers like Jazmine Sullivan, Musiq Soulchild, and R&B greats Boyz II Men. Pink Sweat$ hails from the city of brotherly love. The singer/songwriter produced for fellow rising artist, Tierra Whack, who recently was nominated for a Grammy and appeared on XXL’s 2019 Freshman Class.

Pink Sweat$ dropped his debut project Volume 1 in 2018 and followed up with its sequel in 2019. Both projects poignant and passionate, Sweat$’ silk vocals soothe the remnants of heartache.

Stream both projects below and stay tuned for more Pink Sweat$.

Volume 2.

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Devoni Jacob Sets the Mood with ‘No Guidance’ Cover

The ever sensual and seductive Devoni Jacob returns to wet our pallets with a sultry taste of what she has in store.

Stream her ladies’ version of No Guidance below.

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Cameron Boyce Recalls Grown Ups, Details new Movie ‘Runt’, and Talks Philanthropy

Cameron Boyce is on his way to the top of the acting world. On his way up, he checks in with Pentagon Magazine.

Cameron Boyce is that down to earth cool kid, everyone wants to know. The 19-year-old has been acting most of his life. What started out as a challenge strictly for himself, has transformed into a promising career. You may know him from his roles in Adam Sandler’s hilarious Grown Ups films, or from the Disney Channel show, Jessie. He’s also starred in the Descendants, Marley & Me, and Judy Moody and the Not so Bummer Summer. We had a cool and refreshing conversation where Boyce shares his philanthropic efforts, how he prepares for a role, and his upcoming William Coakley directed indie film, Runt.

I immediately dug right in:

What was your favorite movie/tv show to star in?

Boyce was very well versed. “It depends on what I took from that experience. Jessie was my favorite in terms of growth. I met my best friend on Jessie. We were like family. I was figuring out who I was and to have a place to go to that let me have an outlet…I ended up loving it.” He says. Then a thought crossed his mind. “…looking back on Grown Ups it was like summer camp, out in Boston, just hanging out.

How did you get into the acting world?

He surprisingly said “A combo of a dance background, and having a lot of friends in the industry. I saw it as a path to potentially take. My friends were doing commercials, print and photography. Growing up around creatives in LA motivated me.” He added if he wasn’t from LA, he probably wouldn’t have fallen into acting.

Did you learn any valuable lessons from the cast of Grown ups? There were so many acting legends involved. What did you take from that experience?

I booked it at nine years old,” He shares he didn’t understand the magnitude of the project. “I didn’t know I would be working with some of the funniest comedians in the world. It made me very comfortable. Doing a bunch of scenes with them [Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek, David Spade, Chris Rock, etc], I realized pretty quickly, when you have people who are really good at what they do, that they will throw curves balls. You have to be able to hold your ground.”

He shares a funny moment behind the scenes: “In Grown Ups 2 there’s a scene where I break my leg and I’m in the doctor’s office. They’re fighting over something and the person playing my doctor was the director, Dennis Dugan.  There was one take they didn’t use, they yelled at each other for 10min. In my head I’m thinking ‘hold it together,’ they were all laughing, and I had a front row seat.

What’s your favorite genre to act in?

It depends on what I did last. If I did comedy last I’m craving to do something almost like we crave whatever we don’t have; the grass is greener effect. I try to be well rounded. A lot of people know me for comedy, but it doesn’t always work out that way. I would stagger them if I had a choice.

Who was your acting inspiration/idol?

As I’ve grown older, I’ve looked to Ryan Gosling. When I was younger my close friends were inspiration. I was a really competitive kid, I saw myself acting more than anything.” He says.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Boyce ran off a list…”Basketball, Singing, and Modeling.  I do a lot of random things, people forget I can dance.  I write and draw.” He’s a pretty creative young man.

Apart from his acting, Cameron Boyce has made tremendous strides in helping raise awareness to provide a basic necessity for those less fortunate.

Can you talk about your philanthropic ventures? I’ve learned that you’ve helped raise funds for clean water in impoverished countries.

He shares, “I just finished my second campaign, we raised a lot of money. I partnered with the Key Club, it’s a cool organization that is youth-based. People who are in their 20s and 30s, run this non-profit. The energy of the org is really great.  I was really inspired by the concept of  ‘yeah I’m young, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do something I’m passionate about.’ That’s why I’m being active about going out and voting, just b/c you’re young doesn’t mean you’re not equipped to make better decisions for yourself.” He continued, “It doesn’t have to be a celebrity, you can inspire your friends, your parents, and so on.”

What’s your ritual for starting a new script/role? How do you prepare for them?

I always approach them individually. I take one project at a time, what I feel is important.” He explains, “It comes with random things that affect your life, like ignoring my family a week before I went on set. I didn’t see my best friends for a whole month. There are things you sacrifice when you are doing something that isn’t really you.” [he’s speaking of assuming a role] “I committed to that fully. It always betters the product.” He shared a sacred actor’s proverb. “Your best take in a comedy is the first one and your best take in drama is your last one.

What do you have coming up? Where can we expect to see you next?!

He gives a great description of his upcoming role. “I just did an independent film Billy Coakely, ‘Runt.‘ It’s about a boy who is isolated. He has a friend that he outgrows, a mom who isn’t around, and he ends up going down a dark path due to the neglect in his life. People are overlooking him so he takes his life into his own hands. No one is there to stop him from his own life, he wants to thrive and study architecture, but ultimately his emotion and his teenage dumbness sort of take him off the edge.” He also shared that he’ll be starring in a Rock and Roll themed movie where he plays a kid who is a solo act trying to get into the scene. The kid is on his own, but he’s strong enough to handle certain things. Boyce says, “I took it more seriously than the average role.

I had an absolutely amazing time speaking with Cameron Boyce. Already a fan, I now have a better understanding of the actor. Make sure to be on the look out for Runt on the Independent film festival circuit and his other upcoming role as Rock and Roll badass.


Rozay, Rozay, Rozay

I was told that if you say his name three times, Rick Ross will appear and say UH! and leave….sikeee.

Rick Ross recently revealed the cover of the sequel to his critically acclaimed album: Port of Miami.

The internet went up in excitement. Now that Ross has us all on edge, he’s feeding us bits and bits of greatness.

Act a Fool is Ross’s latest single. He taps the shoulder of artist and confidant, Wale. The track sounds like MMG from 2009/2010. When the entire group was dropping compilation albums and killing each other’s features. They’re bringing that feeling back and I can’t wait to hear POM2!

Listen to Act a Fool above:


Future and Lil Baby Snap on ‘Out The Mud’

It looks like grind season is in full effect. Atlanta’s own, Lil baby and Future collab in their latest single Out The Mud.

They both rhyme about the the gratification you fell after grinding your whole life for something. One thing we all can learn from a lot of rappers, is the important of trusting the process and always GRINDING it out.

Similar to Roddy Ricch’s single with the same title, released in May, the song motivates us all to work towards our goals.

Stream it below:

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Chris Brown and Drake FINALLY Drop a Single!

Breezy and Drake have finally put any old aggressions they’ve held against each other to the side and we couldn’t be happier! Fans have always wondered what a full Champagne Papi and Breezy collaboration would sound like.

The two Grammy nominated artists release a smooth bop just in time for Summer!

No Guidance gives all the praise to the apple of their eyes. Ladies, this ones for us. I’m wondering what the rest of Chris Brown’s album, Indigo, will sound like. It’s said to, like his famous mixtapes to contain about 30 songs. Who else could be on the feature list?

Stream No Guidance below and stay tuned for the latest in entertainment news.