Turn up The Lu Jitzu!

Music is all about vibes right now, and Philly native Lu Jitzu is bringing them all. First let’s talk about where his stage name is derived from, this gives us a peek into his personality. Lu Jitzu is a play on the name Lou Jitsou, who ultimately became master splinter. Knowing small tidbits like this help us connect to artists even more. His sound is a mixture of alternative Hip-Hop with a touch of Techno.

Reminiscent of Lil Uzi Vert, Lu Jitzu’s music makes you want to “hit em with the shoulders.” Vibe/Swag rap has become an increasingly popular style. Sometimes listeners don’t want to think they just want to feel.
Not only is he a beast when it comes to flows, he switches things up and brings the harmonies and melodies.

Could you guys imagine a mixture between Brent Faiyaz and Lil Uzi Vert? I never did either until I listened to Lu Jitzu. I love when artists stand out for all the right reasons.

Check out some of his music below and seriously let me know what you think. I’m excited to see him progress as an artist.