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Eline, The MC digs Deep with: The Root.

The Root;
Established deeply and firmly, the basic cause, source, or origin of something. A root is also a source of support and nourishment. After being featured on one of Kur’s latest efforts, 180, Eline The MC has resurfaced to bring us a message. The Root. is a tale of perseverance, contemplation, and ultimately triumph. I say triumph because Eline chose to see another day and share these meticulously placed words with the world. Looking up from a dark place Eline reminisces on the good and bad.

She says ” …it got to a point where I felt I couldn’t afford to keep anything else stored in. I felt that the result of me  beginning to openly express myself would help not only me , but others as well. I want to get to a point of not giving a sh*t about how people judge me. With this project I wanted to stop overthinking the concept of opening up.”

Please enjoy The Root. thoroughly and dissect its succulent bitterness.



Best Friends Really Make Great for Enemies


Ma$e returns from a musical hiatus with ONE HELL OF A DISS RECORD! Cam threw a low blow in The Program and his childhood chum is unhappy with him and he’s letting us all know. The Oracle is 4 minutes of Ma$e airing out a 20 year laundry list of sh*t. He opens with “Now we even” and continues bringing up old dirt about Dame Dash and goes as far to discredit Cam’s street merit. He even exposes Cam’s relationship with the other Diplomat members and shaky business he’s done in his career. The bars below are my case and point.

“Man the whole f*ckin land know. After that 50 Sh*t you moved to Orlando.” 

“You had that n*gga Jim on the radio like where cam go?”
The song ended with this final jab:

“You’ll always be my B*tch you got my F*ckin name tatted on you.”

Check out The Oracle below and comment your thoughts!